a SmederijkopieKlaas Kloosterhuis started his smithy in 1997 in Arnhem, where he studied at the Institute of the Arts. Since 2000 he lives and works in Bierum, a village in the northern part of the Netherlands. He specializes in the reproduction of historical objects for re-enactment groups and museums, in particular pertaining to the late fifteenth century. Initially Klaas mainly concentrated on weapons and armour, but now his work includes (kitchen) utensils and equipment as well. All are based upon originals or original pictures.

Klaas not only forges in his own workshop. He also gives demonstrations with his fifteenth century smithy. Just like the rest of his work, this smithy is a detailed copy of the historic original.

Please note that the pictures on this website are just an indication of the possibilities. The site does not contain a catalogue, and there is no stock. Every project results in a unique piece of work. Should you wish to order, then please send as many details as you can. If you find it difficult to come up with relevant material, you can always come round to the smithy and take a look at the extensive documentation material at hand. On site, you can explore your options together with Klaas Kloosterhuis.